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asgore you are my fathaaaaaaaaa


Very nice!

Thanks for using my song!

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks for making it, the song worked great.

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What an amazingly prophetic game that predicted the next few years to come.

EDIT: I want to edit this and explain something a lot of commenters aren't getting. While this game explores themes of discrimination, I think the most important takeaway here is how media can change public opinion so quickly. The entire premise of the game is you are the little TV, and you need to pick things that will keep people watching. The omnipresent voice telling you what to pick doesn't care about peace and love; violence gets more views.

This came out in 2016, right as Trump was moving into office. Think about the four years that followed. Think about the COVID-19 pandemic. Think about the rioting in the big cities. Think about the Proud Boys. Think about Charleston, SC.

And now, think about how the TV in this game, at one point, tells its viewers "Be scared. Be angry." Is that not what we have been told for the last five or six years?

Now here we stand on the precipice of the future, waiting to see how far we will fall. Will we go to war with China? Will we get another Trump family member in office in 2024? Will we ever really overcome any of the bullshit that we have been trying to overcome since the Civil Rights Movement?

That is up to you to decide. Don't let media talking heads do it for you.

This is why we should give our money to Newgrounds, so Tom and Wade don't have to do this shit. Never again.

I really enjoy this game.

I've always liked puzzles, andf I really like this! Kudos to the Armor Studios team and everyone who made it possible.

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Damn, if we were still competing against each other I think you would have gotten it!

Quarl responds:

lol, thanks Mega. We should just have our own tournament, 64 contenders, all of them just us. At the very end we can shake hands and pretend we earned our victories :p

I will always 5 star anything from Gimmick. Your choice of sounds is excellent!

This is amazing.

I like to make music and upload it here. Thanks to the fans who like my work. Enjoy my page!

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